Slange Var at the Mindful Drinking Festival Glasgow, October 2018

Glasgow Taxi drivers laugh when we tell them we are exhibiting Slange Var in Glasgow. "I cannee believe youz sellin' no drinking to Glasgee!" Well here we are, and it's buzzing! We're getting loads of interest from all sorts of people who are very Glaswegian and very interested in a non-aloholic drink that is as subtle and interesting as they are.

This year Sarah and I  have been running around with either a business plan under our arms for investors, or a set of bottle specifications for bottlers. Our challenges have been to secure production facilities and the finance to fund them. Well, we are there! We have a fantastic investor (more about him in another post) and an agreement with a top-class bottling company.

The first production run for retail will be ready for the New Year - new orders will be fulfilled from 1 January 2019, although you can pre-order now. Slange Var will be available online at first, and then to bars and restaurants across the UK from March 2019.

Thank you again Laura and Jussi f from Club Soda for all your great work  putting Glasgow on the Mindful Drinking map. Another great day for us! A great day for Glasgow!