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Slange Var is Fresher Than Ever

Our aim is to produce an alcohol free drink that tastes so good you would choose to drink it before an alcoholic alternative, such as a glass of wine.

With the experience we have gained in production processes, we are now able to take Slange Var by producing it unpasteurised in smaller batches with even better ingredients.

This gives Slange Var wonderful fresh flavour, allowing the individual flavours of its ingredients to shine through even more than before. The lime is more 'limey' and zingy, the honey gives a richer honey taste without adding to the sugar content, and the ginger gives a greater gingery kick.

We are able to do this by deciding to supply you the unpasteurised version just-in-time through online orders. When we receive orders online, we are able to get Slange Var to you in a short space of time.

We are using a new honey too. This honey contains lots of the natural enzymes that make it especially delicious and healthy. Because Slange Var is now unpasteurised, this goodness is not broken down in the heating process.

So why not start 2021 with a glass of our best formulation of Slange Var yet?

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