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Slange Var - Sarah Dougon and James Esbey OBE

Image: Sarah Dougan (Founder) & James Espey OBE (Investor)


Slange Var is the brainchild of Sarah Dougan and Charles Beard. In 2016, Sarah wanted an alternative to wine to enjoy with the delicious meals cooked by her husband, Charles. Although the sugary alternatives to alcoholic drinks disappointed her, they spurred her into action. After experimenting with different ingredients, Sarah created a wonderful blend which she tested at Mindful Drinking events throughout the country with excellent feedback. The results is a drink to celebrate.

On the Slange Var team is one of the drink’s sector most successful brand marketers, James Espey, OBE, awarded for services to the Scotch Whisky Industry. James on why he invested in Slange Var, "I love the taste, the name and Sarah's story. She is committed to Slange Var and her mission to create a space that caters for those who aren’t drinking alcohol." - James Espey, OBE



Our mission is to create a world where non drinkers feel part of the party.

The culture where you ‘must have a drink’ is changing. People are more mindful of their decisions and appreciate choice when it comes to drinking. When you say “I’ll have a Slange Var”, we want you to discover a drink full of flavour, which you enjoy and feel good ordering.


In Scotland we are blessed with a remarkable, clean landscape. We take fresh water from The Trossachs and an award winning honey to add depth of flavour to Slange Var. Our limes come from Mexico and the very best ginger is ordered in from China. Together these fine ingredients blend to create a low sugar, alcohol free drink that delights the palate.

Top Marks 

Prior to launch, we took Slange Var to Campden BRI, the food technology lab that’s used by some of the UK’s top food and drink manufacturers. Slange Var scored top marks during consumer trials. 


We respect the environment that provides our ingredients and are committed to reinvesting profits into the reforestation of Scotland’s Caledonian Forest, where we are planting the Slange Var grove. This is part of our contribution to combatting climate change and maintaining the beauty of the Scottish countryside and its wildlife.


Rich in vitamins, Slange Var is over 20% lime juice, alcohol free, has 0% fat, 0% saturates, 0% salt and only contains 4% sugar.
Slange Var Reference Intake Low Sugar


Slange Var uses a drop of honey made from Scottish bees. These amazing creatures pollinate our plants, playing a vital role in our food supply. The recent decline of the honey bee population has been attributed to pollution, pesticides and climate change. To combat this, we and our customers have planted over 200 packets of wildflower seeds suited to the Scottish environment. When these seeds grow into flowers, they’ll provide the essential pollen and nectar bees require to thrive.

We also participate in the sponsorship of bee-hives with Plan Bee Ltd and the British Bee Keepers’ Association.

Slange Var Bee

 "Cheers, I'll have a Slange Var."