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Slange Var Grove & Trees For Life 🌲

Slange Var Grove & Trees For Life 🌲

We're delighted to announce that Slange Var are now a corporate sponsor of Trees for Life. Thanks to our wonderful customers we have been able to reinvest profits into the Slange Var Grove.

Caledonian Forest 

The Slange Var Grove will be planted in the spring of 2019 to expand the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland. The Slange Var grove will help to restore a wild natural forest in the Scottish Highlands by adding to the million trees Trees for Life have already planted in this spectacular region.  

Native Species

Our grove will be made up of native species grown from locally collected seed. Trees for Life plants Scots pine, willow, rowan, birch, hazel, alder, holly, aspen, bird cherry and many others.


Over time, open hillsides will be transformed into healthy young woodland, rich in wildlife. Once the trees reach seed-bearing age, natural regeneration will expand them into the forests of the future for generations to enjoy.

Join Us

Find out how you can get involved in the Slange Var Grove. Help us to plant more trees every time you buy a bottle of Slange Var.

Slange Var Grove


Protecting Our Environment

Learn more about how Slange Var is helping to protect our precious environment in the Bee Food Q & A with our founder, Sarah Dougon. 

Slange Var Honey Bee

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