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Slange Var interview on BBC Alba

Slange Var interview on BBC Alba

In this interview for Gaellic speaking BBC Alba's An Sgrùdaire (The Inspector) Sarah explains why Slange Var as an alcohol free drink and how bars and restaurants need to be more imaginative with the range of alcohol free drinks on offer.

The clip begins in Gaellic with subtitles, and the main interview is in english.

Slange Var selects NuUnlimited retail platform for Interactive Product Experience

Slange Var selects NuUnlimited retail platform for Interactive Product Experience

Niche drinks brand, Slange Var, selects nuUnlimited ~retail platform for Interactive Product Experience.

As consumers become increasingly focused on the provenance of the food and drink products they purchase, pollinator (bee, butterfly and other insects) friendly drinks brand Slange Var wanted to find a way of responding more immediately to consumer demands for information.

Slange Var selected nuUnlimited’s ~retail platform to make its products interactive via smartphone app to provide the in-depth provenance information consumers want as well as providing a much richer customer experience, including:

  1. A loyalty programme that helps Slange Var support and grow pollinator populations which are essential to the environment and agriculture. The programme involves planting wild flower seeds whose nectar feeds endangered bees, butterflies and birds. Slange Var is also collaborating with the Trees for Life charity by planting the Slange Var grove to restore the Caledonian forest, thus tackling climate change.
  2. Providing content including cocktail recipes, competitions and other content relevant to Slange Var’s mission to support the pollinator population and climate change initiative.
  3. An enhanced customer service toolkit built around smartphone interaction directly between the brand and its customers.

“Slange Var, represents the kind of ethical and purposeful brand that we are increasingly working with. We are very happy to welcome Slange Var to the growing family of similar brands,” states Tim Sandford CEO of nuUnlimited.

Sarah Dougan, MD of Slange Var adds, “Our customers share our concerns about the devastating impact of climate change and many feel frustrated by the failure of governments to tackle the issue. nuUnlimited’s ~retail platform gives them direct links to our campaigns as well as regular updates. It's a user friendly app that will help us create loyal customers and environmental benefits. “

“For brands like Slange Var with exceptional product provenance and a compelling purpose, there is often too little space on the label to tell the whole story. Our solutions will help Slange Var bring its excellent product to life before the customer has even tried it with access to a wide range of content directly from the bottle including the provenance, reviews, recipes and more,” explains Tim Sandford.

“Our partnership with nuUnlimited provides a key solution to the problems facing many small businesses: how to reach potential customers when budgets and time are limited. The platform has built in features that are fully compliant with data protection and privacy regulations; this also saves time and hassle for business owners,” concludes Sarah Dougan

With access to ~nuUnlimited’s international partner network, particularly in North America, the relationship gives Slange Var immediate access to this market through nuUnlimited North America.

“The North American market loves products like Slange Var which come with an exceptional Scottish provenance. We look forward to assisting Slange Var to achieve great success in the North American Market”, notes Nitin Amersay CEO of nuUnlimited North America