Cheers, to your health.

Introducing Slange Var

Slange Var is a fresh and zesty alcohol free drink, full of flavour. Serve chilled and sip slowly like a glass of wine. Add sparkling mineral water to create a spritzer or enjoy in your favourite cocktail.

Delicious Flavour


Cheers, to your health


Reserve List

Reserve your 1st edition Slange Var bottle. The next batch of 1000 bottles runs January 2019.



"An addictive blend of honey, lime and ginger from Scotland"

Sarah Huges, The Observer

Delicious over ice

 "Instead of wine, I sip Slange Var over ice and it's delicious.

Jenny Brown

Refreshing mocktail

"Really refreshing, Slange Var makes a lovely light mojito mocktail." 

Harry Ramsbottom

Alternative to white wine

"Non-alcoholic, & low in sugar, with a refreshing citrus flavour that can easily act as an alternative to white wine."

Dose Online Magazine

A taste of Scotland in a glass

Hand crafted in Scotland, Slange Var blends fresh water from the Trossachs with rich velvety honey from Perthshire bees to create a remarkable drink from a truly remarkable landscape.