Slange Var - Cheers, to your health!

A New Type of Drink

Slange Var is not a soft drink. It is a high-quality appetiser or mixer, carefully blended from the finest ingredients that is also free from alcohol.

How to Serve

Saving Bees

We use artisan honey from Scottish bees. We are also committed to helping rebuild our declining bee population.

Bee Food

Ways to Serve Slange Var

Fizz, Short, and Long

  • Slange Var Fizz

    Slange Var gives freshness and vitality to mocktails and cocktails. This is one of our favourites; Fizz, made with Orange Juice, Slange Var and Prosecco/Sparkling Water. See our cocktails & mocktails page for ideas!

  • Slange Var Long

    Mix 60% Slange Var with 40% gently sparkling water for a cool, long drink that has an addictive citrus tang, then a warm ginger aftertaste, leaving a fresh clean feel on the palate.

  • Slange Var Short

    On its own, Slange Var has powerful flavours of freshly squeezed  lime juice and fresh ginger, with faint sweet and sour notes from the honey and vinegar that can be sipped slowly over an evening.

  • Delicious and low in calories

    Slange Var is a truly delicious alcohol-free drink. It is made from fresh lime juice, pressed ginger, a hint of artisan honey, a little cyder vinegar, all mixed together with renowned water from the Scottish Trossachs.

Slange Var Features

A truly premium alcohol free drink

Slange Var 500ml - 6 Bottle Case
  • Freshest Ingredients

    Each batch of lime and ginger we use is carefully selected to ensure the best flavours.

  • Complex Flavours

    The artisan honey we use adds a soft, velvety quality, and gives complexity by combining the lime, ginger and cyder vinegar flavours.

  • Purest water

    Slange Var's water is from Loch Katrine, which is regarded as one of the best sources of clean water in Europe. Tests for odour, colour, softness and chemical content are all at very low levels. Importantly, the flavour is clean and soft.

  • Hand Crafted

    Flavours of lime and ginger do vary with each shipment of fruit we buy. We carefully adjust the blend of ingredients with each batch of Slange Var we make. 

Slange Var Long Perfect Serve

How to serve the tangy and super-refreshing Slange Var Long

Increasing the Bee Population

We donate wildflower seeds to a team of environmental experts in Glasgow Council. Nectar from the flowers feeds the honey bee population. 

Planting Trees

Our 2019 Black Friday campaign planted one customer dedicated  tree on the Glen Affric Estate for every purchase made.

Helping Pollinators

In October 2019 we supplied Glasgow City Council with wild flower seeds to plant at Glasgow Green.


Both my wife Gill and I are now officially Slange Var Addicts.Its such a lovely drink over ice.  We took a couple of bottles to our daughter Charlotte who absolutely adored it hence the gift of 12 bottles to her in Nottinghamshire .

"An addictive blend of honey, lime and ginger from Scotland"

I bought some more bottles of this amazing drink and gave one to a friend who was going down with a cold. She drank it diluted - I know you market this drink as a mixer but it helps to rehydrate and cleanse the body. It's wonderful. My friend's cold did not develop and feeling much better. Thank you x