Cheers, to your health

Slange Var

Slange Var is a fresh and zesty alcohol free drink, full of flavour. Serve chilled and sip slowly like a glass of wine. Add sparkling mineral water to create a spritzer or enjoy in your favourite cocktail.

Delicious Flavour


Cheers, to your health


Gift Slange Var

Send 1st edition Non Alcoholic Drink Slange Var bottles as a Gift. The next batch of 1000 bottles runs January 2019.



"An addictive blend of honey, lime and ginger from Scotland"

Sarah Huges, The Observer

Delicious over ice

 "Instead of wine, I sip Slange Var over ice and it's delicious.

Jenny Brown

Refreshing mocktail

"Really refreshing, Slange Var makes a lovely light mojito mocktail." 

Harry Ramsbottom

Alternative to white wine

"Non-alcoholic, & low in sugar, with a refreshing citrus flavour that can easily act as an alternative to white wine."

Dose Online Magazine

A taste of Scotland in a glass

Hand crafted in Scotland, Slange Var blends fresh water from the Trossachs with rich velvety honey from Perthshire bees to create a remarkable drink from a truly remarkable landscape.