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Let’s face it: most of us gave up sweet, fizzy drinks when we stopped reading the Beano and the Dandy, but we’ve been overlooked by the drinks industry. Slange Var is non-alcoholic, low in sugar and doesn’t leave the overpowering sweet aftertaste of many soft drinks. It has a refreshing citrus flavour that can easily act as an alternative to white wine. Recent trials have confirmed that it complements a variety of food.

It’s also the perfect tonic for tackling a major environmental problem. Since the late 1990s, beekeepers have reported dramatic declines in the honeybee population, citing pollution, pesticides and global warming as possible causes. With three quarters of our crops depending on pollination, the decline could have a major impact on our food supply. Quite simply, if we want to continue eating healthy, delicious food, then we need to look after our bees.

That’s why one of the ingredients of Slange Var is an award-winning honey from Plan Bee Ltd, a company that’s supporting bees through their managed bee-hive service. Slange Var and other businesses throughout Scotland are working with Plan Bee by sponsoring bee-hives.

So, if you want to look after your taste buds, waistlines and our honey bees, Slange Var’s the ideal treat.