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Slange Var Short

Slange Var has a complex mix of tangy, fiery and soft flavours from the fresh lime juice, fresh ginger and honey. Sip it slowly like a glass of wine. You will find it continues to satisfy over the course of a long evening, and where others might lose their heads, you will not!

Slange Var Long

Add slightly less sparkling water than the quantity of Slange Var in your glass to produce a deliciously refreshing cold drink that will quench any thirst and leave no sugary aftertaste.

Slange Var Fizz Cocktail

Slange Var mixes well with many alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks -  gin, vodka and rum work especially well. 

The Palate Cleanser

Chefs and food tasters love to use Slange Var to clear the palate between courses.

Hot Toddy

To create a winter-warming hot toddy, just add a little hot water to taste. The combination of citrus, ginger and honey has helped ease the symptoms of colds and sore throats for generations.

"Cheers, I'll have a Slange Var."