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Slange Var Tree Dedications

We've invited our customers to dedicate a tree to those special people who have helped during the pandemic. The list includes the names of those who have also helped us during this difficult time.

Our thanks to the following customers who have dedicated trees:

Peter Maitland - to Helen and Ian Maitland who continue to go to work in their 60s in the care sector. Two of the most dedicated people I know.
Bee Bowdidge - to Ella Gault who is a carer working in the COVID 19 ward at St George's Hospital in London
Michelle Donnelly - to Pauline Taggart who is a carer for the elderly.
Charmain Filewood - to Liam Malcolm for keeping me sane throughout.
Sue Bedford - to Tyger Bedford for keeping relatives' spirits high.
Kelly Cowley - to her Mum who works for the NHS and is always there for Kelly and others.
Liz Small - to Wilma Grosset who offers inspiration and hope.
Cheryl McVeigh - to Lucy Parker who helps with the administration of a critical care unit, despite failing eyesight. Lucy is due to retire soon.
Bethsy Pickthall - to Sandra Gelvez for being an excellent doctor.
Kate Carter - to Laura Carter who is an intensive care doctor in Swansea
Bee Armstrong - to Tammy St John who is an A+E nurse
Jillian Morland-Duff - to her Mum, Edith Burrows

Sarah and Charles at Slange Var - to our families and friends who remind us during lockdown that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

On 28th April the UK held a minute's silence to honour those  key staff who have died from COVID. As a mark of respect we dedicated 100 trees in their memory.

A short clip about Tree Sisters,  the charity that's planting trees on our behalf , can be accessed here