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Dedicate a tree to each hero of the pandemic

Dedicate a tree to each hero of the pandemic

We all know people who have been selfless in supporting others during the current pandemic: staff from the NHS, key workers as well as countless volunteers.

We want to give them a lasting tribute by planting trees in their honour.  So, for every purchase of Slange Var, we’re giving our customers the option to nominate an individual who has helped during the crisis. Each name will appear on our web-site with a short description of how they’ve helped; we’ll then plant a tree that’s dedicated to the individual. Whether it’s your postie, local shop assistant, an NHS worker, or a volunteer, they deserve to be acknowledged.  It might even be a loved one who has looked after you and your family.

We’ll also be adding trees for the businesses who have supported Slange Var as their expertise and friendly advice has been invaluable. We’re keen to collaborate with other companies in the tree planting project. Perhaps, you have a food or drink product that would go well with Slange Var. If so, please get in touch. Other suggestions for collaboration are welcome.   

Planting seeds for trees and wildflowers has always been part of our strategy towards tackling climate change and protecting key pollinator species. Corona virus lockdown has led to a dramatic decrease in air pollution. We want to build on this development by planting trees to sequester carbon, protect endangered species, produce rainfall and create jobs. We know our key workers are working flat out to help us. Once the pandemic is over, we want to show our appreciation by planting beautiful forests that will remind us and future generations of the sacrifices they made on our behalf. 


Offer expires 30 August 2020


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