Dry January - Are you Ready To Give Up Alcohol?

Dry January 2019 is here! A whole month without alcohol. Has the promise of a slimmer waist, better sleep, more energy and more money in your bank account motivated to you to give up the sauce?  

Today we’re answering a few of the common questions we’re asked about Dry January in order to help you take the plunge and give up alcohol this new year.

  1. What is Dry January?.
  2. What are the benefits of Dry January?
  3. How to make giving up alcohol easier?
  4. When is the mindful drinking festival?
  5. Where can I find support during Dry January?
  6. What are the best alcohol free drinks?


1. What is Dry January?

    Dry January is the brainchild of Emily Robinson, who back in 2011 signed up for her first half marathon. To make training for the event a little easier, she decided to give up alcohol in January. People took notice and started asking her what it was like.

    After that, Emily joined Alcohol Change UK and in 2013 made Dry January an official campaign which attracted 4,000 participants. The annual event has grown every year since, with over 4,000,000 participants in 2018!


    2. What are the benefits of Dry January?

      Giving up alcohol for even just one month had been proven to have substantial benefits for your health. An article in New Scientist magazine explains that

      Stopping drinking for a month alters liver fat, cholesterol and blood sugar

      The Dry January campaign have noted that of their registered participants, 62% slept better and had more energy when they stopped drinking for a month, while 49% claimed they lost weight. Of course, with one month sober under your belt, it becomes a lot easier to lower and manage your alcohol intake in the long run. That could lead to a much healthier, happier life.

      It’s not just your body and mind that benefit from Dry January. Your bank account could also look a little healthier come February. Apparently 79% of participants saved money over the course of the month. After the expensive Christmas period, that’s a very welcome statistic.

      3. How to make giving up alcohol easier?

      The idea of a Dry January might seem daunting, especially if you believe the misconception that you’ll have to hide away for a month to avoid temptation. We don’t think that’s fair - and perhaps not even the point of Dry January! You should be able to go out, meet up with friends, join in with the party and enjoy yourself when not drinking.

      At some point, you’ll inevitably be tempted to have an alcoholic drink - maybe with a meal or when meeting up with friends - and the biggest challenge is to turn that drink down. That is a lot easier to do when you have a non alcoholic alternative you can depend on instead.

      Completing Dry January is also a lot easier when you’re not alone. If you have friends or family also giving up alcohol for a month, the help you need will be right there. You just have to convince them to participate!

       4. Where can I find support during Dry January?

        During Dry January, you will be able to find support in many places and forms. As we mentioned above, having people close to you participate in the campaign alongside you is a brilliant way of getting support.

        Online, you will be able to chat to other Dry January campaigners on social media via the @dryjanuary handle, or using the #DryJanuary hashtag. There’s also a Dry January app coming soon to the App Store and Google Play Store which will be able to help you make it through the month.

        Our friends at Club Soda are also hosting a Mindful Drinking Festival in London, which will be a fantastic opportunity to meet up with like-minded drinkers and campaigners.

         5. When is the Mindful Drinking festival?

        Club Soda’s Mindful Drinking Festival takes place on the 12th and 13th of January at The Truman Brewery in London. The event is an opportunity to try a delicious range of non alcoholic drinks and meet with other mindful drinkers. There’s something for everyone at the Mindful Drinking Festival - beer, cider, wine, spirits, liqueurs - you name it, they will have a non alcoholic brand on display. 

         6. What are the best non alcoholic drinks?

        Call us biased, but we’re quite fond of a wee drink called Slange Var. Our delicious tipple is made from fresh limes, vibrant ginger, soothing honey, and pure Scottish water. 

        If you’re taking part in Dry January, Slange Var is the drink to support you in any occasion. You can enjoy it neat as an aperitif; use it as the base for a huge number of mocktails for a fun evening out; or with some soda water as a comforting replacement for a glass of wine when curled up in front of the telly.

        We recently had feedback from a customer who bought Slange Var because she wanted to stop drinking wine every night. Slange Var became her favourite white white alternative because it ticks all the boxes; non-alcoholic, low in sugar, light and refreshing it tastes great alongside any meal.

        Slange Var is a versatile, healthy, and environmentally responsible drink, the perfect choice for any mindful drinker this Dry January.

        We're delighted to announce that James Espey, OBE is now backing our non alcoholic drink, Slange Var.