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Why is a premium alcohol-free drink a new idea?

Why is a premium alcohol-free drink a new idea?


Sarah and I like a glass of wine in the evening, but not every evening. On the 'no wine' evenings, we struggled to find something non-alcoholic to drink that wasn't either sugary or plain boring. We developed the Slange Var recipe to fill that hole, and it worked for us.

And that is really why a drink like Slange Var is new. At the time we created it there was nothing non-alcoholic that tasted as interesting as a glass of wine.

There are thousands of soft drinks on sale out there, so why do we think ours is different? The answer is in the ingredients. Soft drinks are relatively low-priced. To achieve that low price requires the use of chemicals, preservatives, extracts and concentrates.

Slange Var has none of these. It contains a full 20% of unprocessed freshly-squeezed lime juice, 5% of ginger juice, pressed from the best fresh ginger we can find, 1% artisan honey from Perthshire, 2% cider vinegar from Somerset, and wonderfully pure water from Loch Katrine in the Scottish Trossachs.

The interesting, complex flavour of Slange Var happens because, like in quality wine-making, the flavours of its ingredients are unadulterated and are blended by human beings who love the drink.

Of course this comes at a price because the ingredients are the best we can find.

The way we see it, a glass of Slange Var is still a lot less than a glass of wine, and depending on the wine, a lot nicer!


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