Slange Var has a fresh, complex flavour like a young white wine. Now you can savour a drink all night and still keep a clear head for the morning. Slange Var has a fresh, complex flavour like a young white wine. Now you can savour a drink all night and still keep a clear head for the morning.
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Non Alcoholic Drink Brand Backed by James Espey

Non alcoholic drink brand, Slange Var is delighted to announce that James Espey, one of the drinks sector’s most successful brand marketers is offering his backing and support.


About James Espey

James’ OBE was awarded for Services to the Whisky Industry in 2013. He has spent his entire career creating and developing brands including Piat D’or, Malibu, The Classic Malts, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, and Chivas Regal 18, amongst others.

James has an eye for drinks with potential and developed a highly successful relationship with his colleague and friend, Tom Jago, who died earlier this year.

Tom was renowned in the drinks industry for his product development skills, including Baileys Irish Cream. What is not well known is that Baileys was rejected by consumers in research so Tom hid the research. James worked with Tom to build the brand that was launched in 1974.Today Baileys sells about 7 million cases or some 84 million bottles per annum.

Together with Tom, James launched the Last Drop Distillers, the ‘most exclusive spirits collection in the world’. It has now owned by Sazerac and James is semi-retired, devoting his time to his family, supporting other business owners, philanthropy and writing.

So why has a man renowned for his work in alcoholic beverages turned to Slange Var - a non-alcoholic drink - now? We sat down with James to learn more.

What initially attracted you to Slange Var?

I loved Sarah’s story and the rationale behind the product. She’s developed a delicious product for a market that’s growing. That Slange Var is produced by Sarah and her husband, Charles, was important to me. They make a powerful team, which will stand them in good stead in this industry.non alcoholic drink

So you were excited by the product’s marketing plans?

The non-alcoholic drink idea fits a gap in the market for many millennials who are either drinking less or not at all.

The younger generations who are more mindful of their health and are looking for more sophisticated alternatives to the traditional non-alcoholic offerings from the drinks industry.

Slange Var compares very favourably with other soft drinks in terms of nutritional and calorific values, as it contains only 15 calories per 150ml serving.

Slange Var has excellent potential in the UK as well as key export markets in India and Asia. 

Slange Var doesn’t just look after the health of its drinkers, it is also of benefit to our planet. The product has been praised by the environmental charity, Keep Scotland Beautiful, as Sarah and Charles participate in a beehive management scheme and offer their customers wildflower seeds to revive the honey bee population. They also participate in the Trees for Life project that’s involved in the reforestation of the Scottish Caledonian Forest.

Are you a Slange Var drinker?

I love the drink! The flavour combination of fresh lime and warm ginger, with soothing honey is sensational. I think what really makes Slange Var different is that it’s unique flavour and the possibilities it offers. If you aren’t drinking at all you can use it in mocktails or drink it neat, but if you fancy a tipple it works well with as a mixer - especially with gin or in a mojito.

Personally, I prefer to keep it simple when drinking Slange Var. I have it on the rocks, which means I can enjoy a crisp, refreshing drink but still get on with driving, sailing or skiing with a clear head!

I know that I’m not alone in enjoying the flavour too. Slange Var has consistently received top scores from consumer evaluation trials at Campden BRI, the Food Technology Lab that is used by leading food and drink companies.

What do you think of the drink’s presentation?

Well, as a brand man, the name is very important to me. I think Sarah has nailed it here. Slange Var is so evocative and sophisticated sounding, while tying in nicely with the culture and heritage of the ingredients and environment.

I really believe that Slange Var has the potential to develop into an international brand. I’m excited to be involved and offer my insight to Sarah and Charles as their business grows.

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