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Slange Var Mixer Wins Whisky Converts at Cocktail Masterclass

Slange Var Mixer Wins Whisky Converts at Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktail shakers and goodie bags at the ready, we welcomed 20 of Scotland’s biggest and brightest bloggers to our Slange Var event at Mharsanta in Glasgow’s Merchant City.

Our goal was a fun night of great food, good company, a masterclass in cocktail making and the story behind Scotland’s new drink, Slange Var.

It was wonderful to see so many bloggers with a diverse range of interests, from the Foodie Explorer to Clyde 1’s Amber Zoe descending the stairs to the Hideout to enjoy their first sip of Slange Var in a whisky cocktail - The Penicillin!

It was a risk of course, not everyone loves Whisky… here’s what we learned from our guests at the Slange Var event.

1. Slange Var makes the perfect mixer for the Penicillin cocktail

Many were apprehensive of the whisky cocktail at first. Initially, they thought it might be bitter, but a few sips later, they were asking for more! In feedback, they highlighted the tangy flavour which matched the smokiness of the whisky very well.

Slange Var mixed with whisky was the surprise hit of the night. We’re going to explore more delicious whisky based cocktails with Slange Var as a mixer for our next event.

Check out some of our other cocktail recipes.

Whisky Cocktail Blogger Event Slange Var

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2. Everyone loves to party, drinking or not!

Our bloggers got a chance to step behind the bar as we invited them to mix their own Slange Var Raspberry Buck cocktails. Wayne, the bartender, reckons they’ve still got some way to go before they can make it professionally, but they definitely had a lot of fun and the drinks tasted pretty good. The Raspberry Buck was a sweeter cocktail, with a hint of fiery ginger in the aftertaste.

3. A buzz for the bees

Our founder, Sarah, spoke to our guests about the importance of beekeeping to Slange Var, food production, and our environment as a whole. Feedback on the night and in the influencer questionnaire shows that the environmental message resonated with the influencers. The majority of our guests felt that Slange Var’s commitment to sourcing honey from sustainable beekeepers and the planting of trees in the Caledonian Forest were major plus points for the brand. One blogger commented, “Slange Var is a forward-thinking company and that matters to me.”

Ensuring that honey we use is from so called “free range” bees ensures that everyone, including vegans, can enjoy Slange Var, knowing that we work with happy bees.

4. Health matters

The health benefits of Slange Var as a stand-alone drink really mattered to our guests. A tasty drink which is low sugar, low calorie, and non-alcoholic is hard to find. Slange Var ticks all the health-related boxes plus it’s free from sweeteners, artificial flavourings and colourings.

5. Slange Var is a ‘zesty’, ‘tart’ and ‘refreshing’ drink

There was a variety of different responses when it came to the taste of Slange Var, some said ‘bitter’, others said ‘zesty’ but the most popular answer was ‘refreshing’.

Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate Slange Var! We loved hearing your thoughts on how to drink Slange Var and hope to do it again soon.

Thanks to our fabulous bloggers on the night:

Vegan Foodie Gems

Mama Says Blog

Life of Reilly

Rona McMillan

Kris Munro

Victoria Halliday (Fake Bake)

Emma Mykytyn - Foodie Explorers

Prince of Points

Laura MaGinnes (Glasgow Girls Club)

Kathryn Cockburn (Fab Food Scotland)

Gemma Hunter (Lifestyle hunter)

Paula Muir

Iona Bruce Fitness

Lynne on the Radio


I'm Amber Zoe

Curios Glasgow - Jill

Pinja Pinnchie

Holly Rodgers

Brenda Anderson (tasting Scotland)

Everyone in the event team that made the night so special

Heather at One4Events

Wayne our mixologist at Mharsanta

Alex, Harry & Ali from Adlantic

Fraser, NuAge Media

GT Design & Marketing (Aprons)


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